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Poker Tournament Strategy

There is a big difference between playing in poker sit and gos, where (as the name implies) you simply sit down at the table with your chips and start playing - the blinds remain constant and the table can continue forever, players will come and go and some can show massive game changes based on how many chips they have and when they want to leave.

You need to develop a different poker tournament strategy for poker tournaments as these are time-limited (because the blinds increase regularly) and require a different mentality to poker sit and gos.

The Major Difference

When you play in a poker tournament your strategy should be based on the amount you have in your stack (your chips) compared to every other player in the poker tournament.

Your other consideration is how the blinds will impact your stack this or the next few times round. If you are going to get blinded out by not playing hands (just put the blind in and then not play the hand) then you need to adjust your poker tournament strategy and put a stake in the ground by going all-in sooner or later in the hope you can get lucky enough to keep you in the game until you get some good cards.

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Texas Holdem Poker Tournament Strategy

Remember, your competitors in the poker tournament are in the same situation as you - they know the blinds are rising regularly and the tournament will be over more than likely within an hour or so.

There will be many all-ins as the tournament progresses - some will come very early by those trying to steal the blinds and come across as a strong player (usually this comes across to me as a weak player who needs a helping hand at the start of the poker tournament to have any chance of being in near the end).

As every players stack gets low they are looking for the same opportunity mentioned above in their poker tournament strategy to go all-in.

Poker Tournament Guide

Start the tournament cautiously - look out for those players who risk all to take the blinds or a couple of small bets, although they probably have an Ace with a low kicker (accompanying card) they can get lucky!

As the number of players in the hands shrinks you should now have some idea of their gameplan - use this and their stack size to judge how desperate they are to go all-in - they will soon!

Poker Hands Order

To be sure you know the order of poker hands visit the poker hands order page. You'll discover which is best - a flush or a full house, along with the other best poker hands that other players get confused about.

If you know that one then which wins between a straight flush and four of a kind? If you are in any doubt then check out our poker hands page.

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