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Poker Tips is a new type of website, part of the Casino Tips Group, aimed at helping our visitors learn how to play poker and understand poker rules. Intended to be like a poker for dummies instruction manual we will also provide poker room reviews and information about poker betting, poker tournament strategy and online poker reviews for you to learn how to win at poker. Most of all we want to help you be a better poker player and to get more enjoyment by using our poker tips and casino systems for profit! Good luck, we want you to win!

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Poker Betting

When new players think about poker betting, they often become overly worried about how complicated poker betting seems - this should not be the case as poker betting is quite simple once you know the terms and options. This is why we created this page.

Poker Blinds

What sets of poker betting in every hand are the "blinds" - these basically ensure that the pot increases with every person who wants to play. The small blind (half the big blind) is placed in the pot by the person to the left of the dealer. The next player puts the big blind into the pot, the the deal commences.

Poker Sit and Gos

The blinds are set before a game commences on any particular poker table. If the table is for standard poker sit and gos - where the players can just sit down and play (once the dealer button has gone passed you) then the blinds will remain the same for the duration of the poker betting game.

Poker Tournaments

With poker tournaments the game could go on forever - so to avoid this the blinds (the mandatory poker betting placed by the persons to the left of the dealer) go up at set intervals - this could be time-based or after a certain number of hands. In real life play this is often each time the dealer button has gone round.

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Poker Betting Tips

Each person after the big blind then has one of three decisions now;

  • Fold - they will not play in this hand.
  • Call - they will match the big blind (unless somebody before them has "raised" or "bet"
  • Raise/Bet - they decide they have a strong hand (or could be bluffing) and therefore raise the cost of staying in the hand for other players

Remember, you are under no pressure to play in the hand - many poker betting beginners play too many hands, and lose!

Best Poker Betting

When learning poker betting it is best to play poker at the larger sites as if you choose to play at one of the smaller online poker rooms you may find the players there are more experienced than at the larger best poker sites.

Poker Glossary

In our poker terms section, you can ensure you know all the terms relating to poker, so you are never caught out and lose focus by players discussing or mentioning any poker terms that are not known to you.

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