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Omaha Poker Tips & Strategy

Basic understanding of Omaha Poker

We recommend that before you try to learn Omaha Poker you learn to understand the Texas Holdem Poker game as it is quite similar. For the best Texas Holdem Tips and Strategy click here.

Although Omaha Poker is very similar to Texas Holdem Poker, with the five community cards in the centre of the table, Omaha Poker is a very different game indeed and therefore a different approach and strategy are needed.

In Omaha Poker players are dealt four "poket" cards, which although offering more choice it only gives a player six potential two-card combinations. Bear in mind that every Omaha Poker player also has the same choice so be sure to select wisely.

IMPORTANT TIP: As with all the "Casino Tips Group" sites we recommend you play your chosen game as often as you can for fun then for real money at a casino you can trust and are comfortable with before you play for real money - this way you won't be put off by unusual interfaces or occurrences when your concentration is needed most. Click below for the best place to play Omaha Poker

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Omaha Poker Betting

The betting in Omaha Poker is the same as that in Texas Holdem Poker, but this is a game of flushes (cards of the same suit), straights (e.g 5-6-7-8) and full-houses (e.g K-K-9-9-9). In Texas Holdem Poker high pairs can often be winners this is not usually the case in Omaha Poker.

Early RAISEs do not tend to bluff out other players as they all have many options they will probably want to at least see the FLOP (the first three cards dealt to the centre of the table). Pot sizes in Omaha Poker are usually very much higher than in Texas Holdem, thanks to more players wanting to stay and see the pot before they decide whether to fold or not.

IMPORTANT OMAHA POKER TIPS - As with all games of poker Texas Holdem is no different and players will BLUFF, espescially when they feel betting is weak on any particular hand as they perceive nobody has a strong hand. Use this to your advantage by possibly only CALLing the bet to flush out any BLUFFers when you have a reasonable hand.

Omaha Poker Tips and Strategy

Watch other players - keep an eye on who plays the most hands, despite their hands. Who is close to being ALL-IN and will probably risk all on whatever hand they have? Which players BLUFF (some never do)? Which players bet hard to get rid of other players early? You can concentrate on the other players easiest when you have folded, but try to note such things even when you are still in the game.

Vary your play - keep other players guessing throughout your game, don't only RAISE pre-flop when you have a very strong hand, and don't only FOLD when you are not in posession of good cards. If they can't read your game then they won't be able to follow a beginners pattern that will lead them to have an idea what you have.

BLUFF - Good players often pull off a major steal through good timing of BLUFFs. Use the player watching technique and bad FLOPs to go all out for a win - beginners will often be intimidated out of the hand, good players will be more difficult - but once you get a profile of their playing style you will be able to make this work.

Beginners beware! - Don't rush your money away. All too often we see inexperienced players playing with hands that really should have been FOLDed before the FLOP. Don't get caught out - use our tip to only play so many hands in every three or five.

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