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Poker Tips is a new type of website, part of the Casino Tips Group, aimed at helping our visitors learn how to play poker and understand poker rules. Intended to be like a poker for dummies instruction manual we will also provide poker room reviews and information about poker sit and gos, poker tournament strategy and online poker reviews for you to learn how to win at poker. Most of all we want to help you be a better poker player and to get more enjoyment by using our poker tips and systems for profit! Good luck, we want you to win!

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"Thanks to you people my poker bankroll is more healthy than ever. I read your poker for dummies page a couple of times and printed out the poker hands order to keep."

"The poker room reviews page was very helpful to me. I had joined a load of poker rooms but have now cut back to just the ones you recommend. Great stuff!"

"... your info taught me not only how to play poker but also (and I guess more importantly) how to win at poker, so thanks."

"... and the best page I've ever read about poker is your poker for dummies, with your poker tournament strategy coming a close second! Thanks :-)"

"Thanks to your easy to follow poker guide I have become a much better player and have even been in the money at a couple of decent tournaments - thanks so much!!"

"I'd played (poker) for ages but was at a smaller site. Thanks to your poker room reviews I moved to a better and more profitable site for me :-)"

"I didn't know all of the poker terms in use while I was on the table, so some of them put me off a little. Thanks for great site."

"Your online poker reviews helped me choose a better place to play online. Thank you"

"I just printed out your poker hands order page so I will never make a mistake like I did last night where I thought a Flush was better than four fours - OOPS! Ta"

"I had been playing poker sit and gos until you helped me understand poker tournament strategy, it's much more suited to my game - thank you v much"

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