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Poker Outs

In Texas Holdem Poker, a poker out is a card yet to be dealt that would give you the best hand. You need to really know the poker hands order to know which could be the best hand, so be sure you learn them well.

So, to work out how many poker outs you have consider the number of remaining cards in the deck there are to improve your hand - let's say you have Pocket Aces, therefore to improve your hand to what you believe is the best hand you need to hit one of the two remaining Aces - you therefore have two poker outs.

If you consider the other hands you may have you should soon learn the method by which you'll know how many poker outs you have in that hand;

With a straight-draw 4-5-6-7 you need either a 3 (of which there are four in the deck) or an 8 ((of which there are another four in the deck) - therefore your total poker outs are EIGHT! If yours was a gut-shot straight draw e.g. 6-7-9-10 then you would only have FOUR outs.

A test for you ... you have four cards of the same suit (a Flush Draw) - how many poker outs do you have to get that flush ...? Note if you have the Ace of that suit and your opponent also gets the flush with that suit then you will win the hand, but be wary if you don't have it.

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