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Poker Limp In - Texas Holdem Poker Limped In

When a player limps in when playing Texas Holdem Poker, they put the smallest amount possible into the pot to remain in the hand, merely calling the big blind for example - they are hoping they will hit something on the Flop that will build their hand into the winner.

Unfortunately with this action your hopes can be raised too much when they hit maybe a small pair, or a gut-shot draw which could make them stay in the hand and lose more of their stack than they intended. When limping-in always have in mind you will fold to the next bet unless you really improve your hand.

Be aware when your opponent limps-in as they may be trying to represent a weak hand when they have a very good hand, it's often good practice to bet the Flop and see their reaction before going too strong unless you have hit a big hand yourself.

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